Thank you, Katie!

A song that matches my mood today:

Also, I dedicate this song to Katie. She was interested in my problems and she was there for me when I needed a friend most …. Although we don´t even know each other. Nevertheless, I get the feeling to have found a new friend.

Thank you, Katie!

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F*** it all!

Why do all the negative things always happen to me? It´s strange that nothing in my life works the way it should do. Sometimes I´d love to pack my bags and make myself run away, just leave it all behind and make a fresh start. It seems to me as if the odds were stacked against me. And the worst part is that nobody´s even trying to help and support me – quite the opposite.

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Sharks and dolphins

Sharks and dolphins

Yesterday we had to go to a carnival school event. Jaden wasn´t excited and didn´t want to go there.

The children´s costumes were self-made by parents and the children and it was a really hard work to make costumes for more than twenty children.

His grade had the motto: Underwater world. There were a lot of sharks, mermem and mermaids. Jaden was a little shark but he didn´t feel well because he don´t like carnival and he was sad and unenthusiastic and I had to motivate him all the time. He wasn´t in a good mood.

A little later Jaden began to have fun and ran around with his friends and he refused to go home.

At first he reminded me of „Jaws“ and at the end of the day he reminded me more of „Flipper“.


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I´m not clumsy. It´s just the floor hates me, the tables and chairs are bullies and the wall gets in the way.

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If „plan A“ didn´t work. The alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool!

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You would have thought that people are more tolerant these days but unfortunately I notice over and over again that the contrary is the case.

People who are different, look different or do unusual things are a tough act to follow. I wish everybody would  mind their own business and don´t bother about other people´s matters.

My best guess is that people who prejudge others are just unsatisfied with their own lifes. Guys, it´s up to you to change your life and feel better.


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Life is rugged… sometimes

Sometimes it´s hard to be a single mom and that was certainly not what I wanted when I´ve made the decision to have a child. For that you need the right man by your side and now I know for sure in my case it wasn´t the right one.

Well, I don´t wanna complain ´cause at least he gave me the best thing in my life – my son Jaden. This little guy is my one and only, even if it´s not the easiest thing in the world to be mother and father in only one person. But when Jaden smiles at me, puts his arms around me and tells me: „Mom I love you“ everything is well and I know that I would not change anything in my life even if I could.

So I have to say thank you to my husband for making me the best and biggest gift ever although he wasn´t the right kind of man for raising a family.

Jaden I love you!

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